Currently, due to COVID-19 pandemic around the world, wearing a mask is now a norm and it is also recommended to wear it on a daily basis.

As summer is approaching to many countries, we are excited to announce SPORTS FACE MASK incorporating our main technology, VERYCOOL.

We developed this face mask wishing everyone who loves sports to stay healthy and safe.


This is an antibacterial mask with Xylitol material and it uses a machine-washable fabric.

We also selected a breathable material, which is also comfortable to wear them during the summer. 
With support from the Yonex players, shop staff, and coaches wearing these masks can increase exposure of VERYCOOL technology in the market.

*Please note that this mask is not to prevent virus infection, but it is designed to minimize the risk of spreading germs.



  • Outer Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane
  • Inner Layer: 85% rayon(modal), 10% cotton, 5% recycled fiber (lyocell)
  • String: nylon, polyurethane
  • Stopper: polyvinyl chloride
  • Nose Wire: polyethylene

Yonex Face Mask AC480 Black/ Ice Grey