Flex    Stiff
Frame    HM Graphite / VOLUME CUT RESIN / Tungsten
Shaft    HM Graphite / Namd
Length    5 mm longer
Weight Grip Size    4U (Avg. 83g) G5  / 3U (Avg. 88g) G5 
Color    Emerald Blue
Stringing Advice    4U: 20 - 28 lbs, 3U: 21 - 29 lbs

All preorders will be dispatched once we receive the stock from Yonex 2021, ETA in October, please make sure you accept this before purchasing. 

Yonex 2021 ASTROX 88 S TOUR Badminton Racquet

$195.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
  • String advice

    Strings for Power
    BG80 (Hard Feeling)
    BG66 Ultimax (Medium Feeling)
    BG80 Power

    Strings for Durability
    BG65 (Great for beginners)
    BG65 Titanium

    Strings for Control
    BG Aerobite

    BG Aerobite Boost