Featuring Li-Ning’s signature Tectonic flexible 5 & 7 o’clock frame structure at only 78g, the all-new lightweight Tectonic 7I is made from military grade carbon fibre and features a stablised elastic shaft system and wing stabilisers, improving attacking instincts and delivering an agile handling experience like no other.


Model: Tectonic 7I
Colour: Blue/Pink
Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: W1 (78g)
Grip size: S1
Racquet Length: 675mm
Grip Length: 200mm
Balance Point: 312mm
Variation: Instinct
Tension: ≤32LBS

Li-Ning Tectonic 7i Lightweight Badminton Racquet Gronya

$319.95 Regular Price
$259.95Sale Price
  • String advice

    Strings for Power
    BG80 (Hard Feeling)
    BG66 Ultimax (Medium Feeling)
    BG80 Power


    Strings for Durability
    BG65 (Great for beginners)
    BG65 Titanium

    Strings for Control
    BG Aerobite

    BG Aerobite Boost