Genuine Brand New Very Powerful Strongest Attack LI-NING 3D CALIBAR 900B (Boost) Badminton Racquet, Grey/RED, Thermal Full Cover Racquet Bag.


  • Anti-Fake Green Turning Ball on Cone
  • Product description - - Maximum Power - High-tech geometric frame design - Less Air resistance - Medium shaft and Moderate weight - Rapid repulsion power
  • Suitable for well rounded and experienced players
  • Features:Offensive
  • MATERIAL: Carbon Fiber Frame/Shaft & Polyurethane + Non-woven Grip
  • WEIGHT: 86-88 grams
  • GRIP SIZE - S2(3.25in)
  • SHAFT LENGTH: 675mm
  • BALANCE POINT: 292 mm
  • Handle Length: 200 mm
  • Shaft Solidity: 8.5
  • Tension: Maximum 32 lbs

Li-Ning 3D CALIBAR 900B Attacking Badminton Racuqet

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$249.95Sale Price
  • String Advice

    • Strings for Power
      BG80 (Hard Feeling)
      BG66 Ultimax (Medium Feeling)
      BG80 Power


      Strings for Durability
      BG65 (Great for beginners)
      BG65 Titanium

      Strings for Control
      BG Aerobite

      BG Aerobite Boost